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Atlas Bridge Capital, Inc. is an Independent Consultant and makes no warranties or representations as to the information of any purported Transaction. The information on this site is intended solely for the benefit of firms and individuals seeking to relate to various monetization, funding, branding, marketing and other sources which benefit your company goal(s). The Material on this site lists possible service features and/ or institutions for informational purposes only, are not guaranteed and subject to change and does not constitute an offer or solicitation. The content of the website and/or any/all transactions referred to on this website should be considered of a private confidential nature only and not be construed in any way as any type of offering or solicitation. This website and its content is presented as a courtesy solely for informational and educational purposes. Content is subject to errors and omissions. Any disclosure, retransmission or disseminations is prohibited.


Disclaimer: By accessing this site users acknowledge that Atlas Bridge Capital, Inc. is solely a Deals Facilitation Service which works intimately with clients to assist them to implement a range of appropriate Solutions directly with professional service providers. Atlas Bridge Capital, Inc is not a registered US securities agent, insurance, tax, legal or investment agent, broker or dealer. The considered transaction(s) of our Clients are strictly private and in no manner, relate to the “United States securities act of 1933” or related regulations and does not involve the sale of registered securities. You as a visitor to this website acknowledge this warning and disclaimer.


Atlas Bridge Capital INC, industry agnostic, growth equity and consulting firm which evaluates opportunistic deals on a case-by-case basis and provides a la carte consulting services.

Industries We Have Consulted

  • Private Equity Funds
  • Cannabis
  • Startups
  • Single Family Office
  • Private Equity Deal Sponsor
  • Commercial Real Estate Investment Sales
  • Prominent Real Estate Developer

Consulting Services Provided

  • Management & Strategy Consulting Services
  • Merger & Acquisition Advisory Services
  • Capital Raising & Business Development
  • Real Estate Valuation, Acquisition, Disposition
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